Stainless Steel Hot Rolled Round Bars
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  • Intellect mind is the best defence. Boards are increasingly being held accountable for actions of management especially fraud. The most common method of detecting malpractice within an organization is feedback or a tip-off from an employee, customer, vendor, associate or anonymous source.


  • Ignorance may prove to be expensive. It has been observed from the recent events that business losses from fraud, occupational and white collar crimes not only dent the balance sheet but also risks the reputation of the organization.


  • Enhances the capability of capturing risks and acts as a trustworthy in-house warning system to detect and check malpractices and receive feedback and suggestions on practices, procedures, and products.


  • It helps to promote a business culture of honesty, integrity and compliance which is recognized as a key driver of brand, reputation and performance but also helps convey the message that the organization takes fraud and misconduct seriously.


  • Helps to move the whistleblower policy from paper to one which practically assists in fraud detection and control.


  • Acts as a powerful managerial tool for strengthening the internal vigilance mechanism and system of checks and balances within the organization.


  • Complements the internal and external audit system and encourages reporting of corrupt conduct and wrongdoings without any fear of consequences on the revelation of identity.


  • Ensures proactive compliance with internal regulations and external legislation and prepares the organization for future legislative change.


  • It helps in identifying the type of fraud or misconduct the organization is vulnerable to and check the adequacy of the internal control systems and risk management procedures being followed by it.


  • Improved expertise through increased reporting of unproductive practices and wasteful expenditure thereby safeguarding organizational interests, assets and reputation.


  • Acts as a safety valve for the organization facilitating secure and confidential communication.


  • It ensures that you alone receive all the information meant for you with the freedom to decide how to deal with it.


  • Helps you to release your responsibility and obligation as a model employer and establish an additional channel of communication with your stakeholders without establishing any change in your existing policies.