Stainless Steel Hot Rolled Round Bars
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Stakeholders are often defined as an organization, a group of individuals or an individual that are said to affect or get affected by the organization's activities, products and/or services. Their actions can be expected to affect the ability of the organization, in successfully implementing its strategies and achieving key objectives or can have a negative impact on the organization due to certain forbidden/illegitimate activities carried out by them.

Stakeholder’s rights under the law of international practices provide them with legal claims in relation to the organization.
So, if you are an employee, shareholder, vendor, associate, consultant or an end-customer of the organization then you are can count yourself as one of the stakeholders of the organization.

Being a stakeholder you have a duty to speak up, express and report your concerns or complaints against any unethical, illegal or immoral practice, product or procedure prevalent in the organization to its top management.