Stainless Steel Hot Rolled Round Bars
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  • Afraid of being embarrassed and becoming vulnerable.
  • Fear of being perceived as disloyal or not a team player.
  • Unwilling to be directly involved or exposed.
  • No idea who to report and how to report.
  • Top management usually unapproachable and inaccessible.
  • Reported incidents do not reach the right person and are not dealt with the discretion they deserve.
  • Not sure of the contents and ignore to report considering it a mere suspicion.
  • Reporting procedure is complex and reporting is a big inconvenience.
  • Reporting may lead to the identity revelation, which may cause grievances at the workplace.
  • Distress regarding the outcomes after the revelation of identity.
  • No system of anonymous reporting.
  • There is a misunderstanding that the top level management is already aware of the existing state of affairs.
  • Cutting across top level ranking in an organization may invite dreadful reactions from immediate superiors.
  • Revelation of identity to anyone within the organization may compromise their identity at some stage or the other and invite retaliation.
  • Disagreements on the level of interest with the internal manager or lack of credibility due to known affiliations, prejudices, and vested interests.


INDIA INC helps organizations to give stakeholders access to a simple and effective reporting system, enabling them to cut different levels of reporting hierarchies and securely communicate their concerns with the organization.