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Advantages of INDIA INC Portal


  • A Common platform to report their issues/ lodge a complaint regarding any wrong activity on the part of an employee or department.
  • Secure and confidential communication as there is no direct human interaction.
  • Our platform does not involve any telephonic interview, voice recording or handwritten report thus reducing the error of identification by writing or voice.
  • Employee and outsiders both can lodge a complaint with and without revealing their identities.
  • Have the option of uploading the information through pdf, word, videos, audio etc for the complainant.
  • Security, confidentiality, data backup and record keeping of the all the data.
  • Instant reach on multiple locations and easy to use through the internet, 24X7 availability.
  • Original information received as communicated by the whistleblowers.
  • The economical and beneficial solution which can be implemented in a very short span of time.
  • Multiple interactions between the complainant and organizations over a secure network.
  • Neutral platform for the complainant to register their complaints.
  • The advantage of not revealing the identity of the complainant.