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You are free to deal with the information as per your policies or in such manner as you may deem appropriate. You have the option of seeking additional information from the reporter if you require and keep him informed about the progress if you desire.

It is advised that all reports must be taken to their logical completion and closed within a period of six months, from the generation of the receipt. It is desirable that all verifiable and actionable facts disclosed in a report should be cross-checked before commencing any proceedings.


Processing of the Information


Taking any piece of the information to its logical conclusion, including activities of sorting, developing, enquiring and acting on the same. Each of these activities is an important function and requires specialized skills and expertise to ensure that neither you miss out on anything of relevance nor do you end up raising an alarm when none is required.


Smart Sorting Vigilance


While sorting and processing reports please remember that the reason for a robust vigilance mechanism is to increase the level of efficiency and effectiveness in an organization.

Smart Vigilance requires you to remain observant and yet not interfere or obstruct the functioning of the other departments in your organization. It expects to deal with information objectively and on merits without any fraternal sympathy, bias, prejudice or affectations.


Proactive Vigilance


Proactive vigilance starts from the assumption that commercial risk-taking forms a part of the business and therefore many a times ‘out of the box’ actions and decisions which on their face appear to be ‘out of sync’ may, in fact, be in organizational interest.

Thus, every loss to the organization-capital or otherwise, every allegation or suggestion and every decision whether in agreement with the organizational policy may not necessarily be a subject matter of scrutiny.

Though there can be no strict rules in this evaluation yet the test of a reasonable man can be considered as one possible criterion for ascertaining the bonafide of an action. What should be scrutinized and to what extent and what should be ignored is a  reasoned and calculated decision which needs to be taken depending on the facts and circumstances of each case and organization? More often than not while dealing with information and assessing how to process it you may just be required to act as a sponge and absorb it rather than act on or react to it.