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India INC is a web-based portal where anyone can freely lodge/submit a complaint against their organization without revealing their identities. Their feedback helps the organization to increase its productivity and efficiency. With the help of secured and confidential reporting, the organization vigilante can easily report to the top management on the wrongdoings of the team members or can even give suggestions on behavioral actions, which are offensive for the organization or are otherwise illegal, unfair and unethical.

Many frauds and corrupt activities which are running in the organization can be solved with the help of this portal and thereby helping in improving the reputation of an organization.

India INC can help the stakeholders to communicate with the higher authority of their organization in a very simple and safe manner while maintaining their confidentiality.

Employees of an organization and outsiders can lodge a complaint on this portal. To lodge a complaint, click on the Lodge Report and enter the organization code received by the organization. To follow up on any Report just click on track report and enter the tracking number and password.To add any comment on the submitted report, click on the same track report.